America 2.0

At this writing, we approach Election Day 2016 which will set the nation’s political direction for quite some time.  We believe that our nation’s political battles are an indication of its culture.  In essence, our political battles reveal to us our social condition which in turn reveals our spiritual condition.  You don’t need to dig very deep to find pundits, who upon examining our political turmoil, declare that America is either in serious decline or else lost- a cut flower waiting to wither.

Perhaps John Stonestreet of the Colson Center expresses this sentiment best as he pens, “This election demonstrates, again, that politics is downstream from culture. This election fiasco was decades in the making. The only way to see a healthier polis is to get to work upstream, rebuilding the institutions of civil society.”

If you are a follower of this blog, you know that our focus since August of 2014 has been to pen a weekly article designed to help our readers understand why it is imperative that we Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever.  We have done this by focusing on the issues and concerns associated with the platform of the Democrat Party and their use of operatives throughout media outlets, educational institutions, and business oligarchies.  However, as our understanding of this leftist cabal has increased, so too has our sense that only an act of God can save America from some rather bad, Marxist-inspired, decisions.

So, the question is: Will God remove His hand from America- allowing the natural consequences of the Democrat Party’s anti-God secular agenda to discipline us?  Or, will God release His Spirit such that we experience a restoration and betterment of America’s Judeo-Christian culture- America 2.0?

As you might imagine, the effort we put into writing this blog over years does tend to keep these sort of questions top of mind- and therefore in the forefront of our prayer life.  And, so, please indulge us as we share a little “sign” received by one of our members which we hope indicates that America 2.0 is about to begin. Continue reading America 2.0

Eddies Arise

At this writing, America sits on the eve of a historic 2016 election.  The direction of the country, its economic well-being, its border security, and its destiny will all be profoundly affected by the outcome of the vote.  America has endured a generation of Democrat Party operatives who have seeded their misguided Marxist ideology throughout society- particularly using the media and educational institutions as propaganda vehicles.  Will history record that America’s slide into Socialism, Communism, and Fascism was reversed in 2016?  Or, rather, will history report that 2016 resulted in the final defeat of conservative ideals and true capitalism in America, never to return?  The ultimate answer to that question may lie with “the Eddies.”

So, who are the Eddies?  The Eddies, a phrase coined by radio talk show host Michael Savage, are a type of American citizen who provides great strength and hope in times of trouble.  According to Savage, in his New York Times bestseller, “Scorched Earth,” he describes a strength within America which has been dormant but is now about to arise.  He pens, “There is a sleeping giant that is awakening, and the sleeping giant who is going to effect this change is the blue-collar worker…the Eddies of the world…It’s just a name, a common Christian name, but it embodies that which is best in us.”

Savage goes on to describe how the Eddies rose up during World War II with resolve to defeat the Japanese and the Germans.  How, after World War II, the Eddies returned to their trades, their farms, and their offices, to build the greatest nation the world has ever known.  And, how the Eddies had children and filled those children with American values.

Further, Savage predicts that now is the time that the children of the Eddies, the Eddies of our generation, will turn their attention to defending America once again.  How will they do this?  They will vote.  They will vote for secure borders, a unifying language, and a Judeo-Christian culture.  Savage assures us that America will be saved as he concludes his “Scorched Earth” thesis by stating, “How do I know this?  Because the Eddies will come to our defense one more time.  They will stand shoulder-to-shoulder to honor the legacy of those who built this nation, who fought its wars, who bowed in prayer in a rich variety of faiths, and who raised the families that are the backbone of America.  And when they do, I can guarantee you that this nation- that this world- will be a safer place…even for the lunatic fringe.” Continue reading Eddies Arise

Creepy Clowns

As of the writing of this blog, there is a strange phenomenon taking place across America where individuals are dressing up as “creepy clowns” and by their very presence striking fear and horror into anyone they encounter.  This is understandable as the appearance of a “creepy clown” is an implied threat.  Seriously, how bizarre have we become as a people?  Interestingly, the “creepy clown” craze seems to be spiking as the 2016 election cycle is peaking.  Is this merely a coincidence?  Or, is this a sign and opportunity to peer into our political process?  What can we learn about ourselves as a nation from the “creepy clown” incidents?

First, let’s consider the headline of an article on the Guardian website dated October 16, 2016, entitled, “Clown sightings: hysteria in the US reaches a fever pitch- Police are calling for an end to evil clowns, a Clown Lives Matter march was called off, and schools are banning clown costumes while some stores are sold out.”  The article goes on to state that, “People across the US are now, variously, being arrested with fright-wigs, red noses, and weapons, filmed clinging to the back of a moving bus, perpetrating hoaxes, causing school lockdowns, scaring the daylights out of people and exporting the craze to, at least, Britain and Australia.”  From our perspective, this behavior is wrong and must be condemned as such.  It is just not funny, and traditionally, clowns are supposed to be actors who bring fun and humor- so, this looks like just another perversion of our culture.

Do you suppose there is a cultural connection between the 2016 political election season and the appearance of “creepy clowns?”  While we have no way to prove any such connection, we can, however, speculate that their appearance at this time is more than a coincidence.  The Democrat Party has been increasingly debasing America’s Judeo-Christian culture for the better part of 60 years.  Their Marxist, Communist, Socialist philosophy does not value nor protect a culture which values life, seeks domestic tranquility, or honors the rule of law.  Those principles are inconveniences to their “intellectually arrogant” ideals which they masquerade about as “lofty.”

Specifically, as it relates to clowns and America’s culture.  The Democrat Party controlled entertainment industry has built an entire horror based sub-culture which exploits the darkest notions for profit and power.  America’s season of “creepy clown” sightings is an example of their latest debasement.  Rather than portraying clowns as lovable circus actors, bringers of joy to children’s birthday parties, or those who cheer the sick with slapstick and magic tricks, they have reduced the clown to a psychotic character in the shadows looking for their next victim.  Can you see what is happening?  Clowns are just the latest headline news in a society whose culture has been debased by an onslaught of leftist propaganda spread through the many influential institutions they control. Continue reading Creepy Clowns


The notion of complacency jumped from the pages of our studies, as worthy of consideration, and as relates to America’s political struggles.  We wondered:  What does it mean to be complacent?  Has America become complacent?  Does the Democrat Party use complacency as a weapon to gain power?  How does the Lord view complacency?  And, how might we combat any complacency in America?

Complacency is generally understood to be smugness, satisfaction with the status quo, and is associated with feelings of self-focused pleasure while some real danger is lurking.  Interestingly, Vocabulary dot com describes complacency by sharing, “The word complacency is often hurled, in a rather scornful manner, at people who are unwilling to be political. It connotes a sense of ease and contentment with the status quo.” 

With that: Do you think that America has become complacent?  Well, according to Michael Savage in his new bestseller, “Scorched Earth,” he suggests that America is suffering from complacency.  He pens, “As I’ve been saying, we have become a nation of global do-nothings, and I mean that in both senses of the word.  We are virtually inert around the world, and we do nothing to preserve and protect our borders, language, and culture at home.  Americans are hyphenate-active; that is, they will support their non-melting pot qualities.  They wave African flags, Mexican flags, gay flags.  They do so with enthusiasm and selfish, narcissistic focus.  To them, the American flag is something you wear on a bandanna or burn.  Our complacency as Americans is leading us to doom.” 

The doom Savage describes, in our opinion, is our complacency toward the agenda of the Democrat Party.  Their stated goals, which are nothing less than secular Socialist idealism, meant to deceive the masses for the benefit of the elite, represent a type of retrovirus which is destroying America from within.  Sadly, complacency has left America helpless against this retrovirus and unless our nation’s immune system wakes up and activates to “Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever,” doom is an apt description.

Further, do you understand that the Democrat Party depends, specifically, on the complacency of “useful idiots” to further its agenda?  It is as though they are using complacency as a weapon.  In a WikiLeaks email dated March 16, 2016, shared between Democrat Party strategists, we read firsthand how the Democrat Party spreads its Marxist agenda, they write “…we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.”  Of course, this statement lacks honor, is ridiculously arrogant, elitist, and seems pulled straight from the playbook of Karl Marx.  However, it is also apparent that in order for the Democrat Party’s power mad scheme to succeed, they must have an electorate which is complacent in its sense of duty to God and country.  Are you beginning to see how one of the roots of our nation’s political insanity is really citizen complacency? Continue reading Complacency

Demonic Discontentment

Many Americans seem to be suffering under the heaviness of discontentment.  This observation has caused us to ponder: What is triggering discontentment in America?  What is the root of this demonic discontentment?  Is there a difference between demonic discontentment and righteous indignation?  Finally, can the plague of discontentment created by the Democrat Party be stopped?

To speak of discontentment in no way fails to acknowledge that there are many problems which must be addressed and significant changes which must be embraced.  There certainly are many transformations needed to right the ship of state.  Rather, to speak of discontentment is to speak of an unholy attitude, mindset, and stance which generates complaints without solutions, rage without reason, expectations without effort, and general selfishness without significance.  Come to think of it, this effectively sums up the mindset of the Democrat Party and the philosophy they espouse to rile their throngs of “useful idiots.”

So, what triggers discontentment in America?  In our opinion, it is a deadly combination of demonically inspired propaganda and illusion which convinces Americans to compare themselves to each other.  In this, the Democrat Party foments discontentment as they repeat the big lie that “as compared to” men, or white people, or the rich, or Republicans, or straight people, or whatever label is vogue to demonize with- you have been given a raw deal, an unfair hand, and a system so rigged that there is no hope.  This is a profound lie, sold through outlets of propaganda, over and over again.  This Democrat Party, power mad, deception becomes the shackles which imprison their constituency.  It is wrong, it is sad, it steals true freedom, and it denies their supporters the opportunity to grow as people- and to grow in the Lord.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  Apparently, the Democrat Party never got the memo.  Or, maybe they did but they just do not care.  Maybe this is why the Democrat Party seems devoid of joy.  Further, Galatians 6:3-5 indicates, “If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves. Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, for each one should carry their own load.” (NIV)  Ask yourself this: When was the last time you heard a leader in the Democrat Party even come close to saying, “Take pride in your race, gender, education, economic status, post in life, etc…without comparing yourself to others…for each of us must carry out our own lives with honor and respect as we learn to love.”  Of course, silence is all you will get from the Democrat Party- the party which thrives on demonic discontentment.

Digging down, what is the root cause of America’s demonic discontentment?  We understand discontentment to have its roots in envy.  If you suffer from discontentment, there is a good chance that you are envious of the life you perceive others have which you want for yourself.  If this envy consumes you, then you are probably voting for members of the Democrat Party.  Continue reading Demonic Discontentment


No, we are not speaking of the ever popular charge card which admonishes us to, “Not leave home without it.” Rather, we are suggesting that it is time for an “American Exit.”  On June 23, 2016, Great Britain decided to live, rather than commit national suicide at the hands of a Socialist, Communist, and Marxist inspired European Union (EU)- this was known as the Brexit.  The good people of Great Britain essentially said, “We want our borders, language, and culture to be preserved.”  On November 8, 2016, Americans will go to the polls and decide whether we want our version of the Brexit, our own Amex.

Great Britain decided to secure their borders- thereby stopping the immigration of infiltrators hell bent on the destruction of Western Civilization- to preserve their unifying language- and to honor their Judeo-Christian heritage.  In like manner, will America confront its own version of the EU and reject the Democrat Party and their inevitable destruction of America- via big government oppression and suicidal Socialism?  The parallels between Britain’s Exit from the EU and America’s need to distance itself from the Democrat Party is spooky.

Of course, the Democrat Party’s pundits claim that there is no similarity between the Brexit and the rise of “outsiders” to the political stage in America.  What these paid “thinkers” fail to realize is that the concern Americans feel regarding growing anarchy in the streets, rising crime rates, economic sluggishness, terrorism, and corrupt government is truly the stuff which inspires patriots to “exit.”  Unless election fraud or “surprises” change something, this year will likely represent a decisive, if not fatal, blow to the Marxist platform of the Democrat Party- especially if you join with us and “Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever.”

Importantly, a patriotic resurgence in America, resulting in an Amex from the Democrat Party, will produce secure borders.  Why are secure borders so important?  Because it aligns us with God’s plan for the earth.  We learn in Acts 17:26, “From one man He made every nation of men, to inhabit the whole earth; and He determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their lands.” (BSB)  Apparently, in His wisdom the Lord created sovereign nations to accomplish His purposes upon the earth.  However, the Democrat Party brands anyone desirous of secure borders a racist.  If you follow the logic of the Democrat Party, then national borders established by God make God a racist.  The absurdity of that assertion illustrates the absurdity of the Democrat Party’s open borders, security is irrelevant, and “you’re a racist if you don’t agree with us” stance.  With that: Are you yet ready to make history as part of the “Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever” landslide?

Additionally, an American Exit (Amex) from the Democrat Party will ensure a unifying language.  We do a great disservice to our nation’s linguist heritage when we fail to encourage a common language among our citizens.  Languages set up thinking patterns which inform perspectives.  These perspectives either lead to mutually beneficial engagements or else confusing misunderstandings and general chaos.  As our national language has deteriorated so has our ability to peacefully coexist as a melting pot.  A failure to acknowledge English as the official language of the land, and insist on its use as much as possible, is a failure to give everyone an equal opportunity at the America dream.  If you want to separate a people- confuse their language- chaos and conflict are sure to follow.  In Genesis 11:1-9, we see what happens when language is confused.  It states, “Now the whole earth used the same language and the same words. It came about as they journeyed east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there. They said to one another, “Come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly.” And they used brick for stone, and they used tar for mortar. They said, “Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.” The LORD came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. The LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them. “Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.” So the LORD scattered them abroad from there over the face of the whole earth; and they stopped building the city. Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the LORD confused the language of the whole earth; and from there the LORD scattered them abroad over the face of the whole earth.” (BSB) Continue reading Amex

The Paradox of Freedom

What is the paradox of freedom?  The following quote from Os Guinness sheds some light, he states, “Finally, freedom always faces a fundamental moral challenge. Freedom requires order and, therefore, restraint; yet, the only restraint that does not contradict freedom is self-restraint, which is the very thing that freedom undermines when it flourishes.”  Reflecting upon this statement might cause you to feel that America is doomed to bondage by either the tyrannical hand of the minority or else the madness of the mob.  However, America’s founders saw another option.

What America’s founders envisioned was a system whereby God was Sovereign over each individual- making each individual accountable to God for virtue and purpose- while the people of the nation enjoyed sovereignty over their government- with each branch of government accountable to the people for securing the blessings of liberty.  It was thought to be a risky experiment and one which would only long endure if, as Benjamin Franklin quipped, “we could keep it.”

Of course, from the secularist point of view, the idea of a Republic based upon the virtue of its people is pure religiosity which only seeks to control their individual pursuit of happiness- no matter how darkly defined.  This is the stubborn insistence of the Democrat Party- and is why they represent an existential threat to the great American experiment in freedom.  Again, Os Guinness brings perspective as he pens, “There’s no question about the earlier menace of the Nazis and the Communists and now Islamic Extremists, but in the end the ultimate threat to the American Republic will be Americans. The problem is not wolves at the door, but termites in the floor.”  In our opinion, the Democrat Party represents the “termites in America’s floor.”  Do you understand that unless we address the termite infestation by “Never Voting for Any Democrat- Ever,” that America’s foundation will collapse?

As you watch the Democrat Party advocate for unsecured borders, chaotic language, and an anti-God culture, do you ever wonder if they are purposely seeking to incrementally collapse America’s foundation?  Is it possible that the separation of powers- with a people sovereign over them- is simply unpalatable to the intellectually arrogant elite?  Is it also possible that we the people have not “kept it” partially because we live in a Church age where we believe we have need of nothing- especially accountability to God for individual virtue and purpose? Continue reading The Paradox of Freedom

America- Riding the Wave of History

The United States of America has been a significant player relative to its rather short history.  Moving from a vast wilderness upon its discovery, to the hallmark of freedom it currently represents, the United States of America has ridden the wave of history as a virtuous people.  Will this legendary and historic wave ride continue?

Just for fun, let’s consider what makes a great wave riding surfer.  According to Surfer Magazine’s online article of July 22nd, 2010, Kelly Slater is considered to be the greatest surfer of all time.  They opine, Kelly appeared on the scene with an aura of absolute confidence. His style was fluid, fast, and fully formed, unlike that of any young surfer I had ever seen. He had it all, and right then I could see he was going to take surfing down an entirely new road, and scarily, he saw it too….. Now, some 20 years later, Kelly’s competitive statistics numb the brain. He qualified for the tour in 1991, won the World Title his rookie year in 1992, and since then has been a terminator, systematically destroying every competitive record out there, erasing from the record books every great name from every generation of the sport, including Mark Richards (four consecutive World Titles), Tom Curren (33 event wins), and Mark Occhilupo (oldest World champ). He has built a grand edifice of success that will cast a long shadow over everyone that comes in his wake; Nine World Titles, five of them consecutive, the oldest at 36 and the youngest at 20, 40 ASP event wins, six Pipeline Masters… Kelly is at once the most popular surfer in the world and, after all these years, still its biggest enigma. It must be a little lonely for the greatest surfer of all time, out there in his self-created stratosphere. But we need him.

We need him to keep coming up with crazy designs, we need him to keep risking his life at Teahupoo and Pipe, and we need him to keep breaking records, crushing competitors’ generations his junior. We need him to keep inspiring us.  No sportsman in the world anywhere has for so many years been so far ahead of his peers—not Tiger, Lance, Ali, Michael Jordan, Gretsky, or Federer. None of these all-time greats have come close to his record of total dominance.  Quite simply, there is surfing before Kelly Slater, and then there is surfing now.”

We see a metaphorical comparison between Kelly Slater’s dominance of surfing and America’s epic place as a rider upon some of the great waves of history.  Many consider America to be the greatest nation of all time.  When America was born, she was unlike any young nation history had ever seen.  America’s founding principles have been likened to a 5000-year leap in human governance.  America grew quickly and gained strength, confidence, and significance, unlike any nation which came before. Continue reading America- Riding the Wave of History

The Tactics of a Marxist Takeover

Even the untrained eye can clearly see that the Democrat Party has fully embraced the ugliness of a Socialist Communist Fascist Marxist agenda.  They do not even try to hide it.  They promise the utopian delusion of “Democratic Socialism” to their throngs of brainwashed “useful idiots” forcing the big lie upon us all.  Is it too late to become wise to the Democrat Party’s spurious schemes and reverse their takeover of our free market, limited government, conceived in liberty, American experiment?

Please note- many of your fellow citizens are of the belief that it is too late for America.  They believe that a bloodless coup has already taken place and that America has forever crossed the Rubicon of Marxist pipe dreams whereby subsequent troubles are sure to follow.  They ask questions like: Are our elections rigged?  Are powerful global forces guiding American policy?  Is any of our media information honest and fair?  Do our schools teach American civil liberty or are they Marxist indoctrination camps which prey on innocent minds?  Sadly, these are all valid questions.

So, how do Marxists impose their philosophy upon a nation?  According to retired General Jerry Boykin, Marxist nations, like Cuba, Venezuela, and China used the following tactics to impose Marxist regimes upon their people.  They:

  • Nationalize large sectors of their economy.
  • Redistribute wealth.
  • Discredit their opposition.
  • Censor speech and public expression.
  • Control gun ownership.
  • Develop a constabulary force which controls their population.

Now, let’s take Boykin’s model of how Marxists take over a nation and compare it to the agenda of the Democrat Party.  Regarding:

  • Nationalization- The Democrat Party has already nationalized health care. They have largely nationalized the K-12 school system.  They don’t need to bother nationalizing the press because the mainstream media has already rolled over and become the lap dog of the Democrat Party.  During the 2008 financial crisis, the Democrat Party made it clear that they wanted to nationalize the banks, but somehow they missed their chance.  In fact, there is no industry or sector of the economy that they don’t want to control- they are merely waiting for the proper crisis to pounce.
  • Redistribution of money- The Democrat Party openly admits that their solution to income inequality is to use the coercive power of government to redistribute wealth. Can you say, “More Taxation without Representation?”
  • Discrediting the opposition- The Democrat Party has established a network of operatives solely dedicated to discrediting conservative thinkers, military veterans, and Americans which hold to a Christian worldview. Just peruse a few social websites with memes from your favorite Democrat Party supporter and you will find a litany of the most discrediting, dishonoring, and dishonest propaganda ever imagined.  Or, check out the comedy scene and listen as every conservative ideal and/or Christian worldview is made a laughingstock.  Watch a movie or a television show and see if you can get through it without some comment, theme, or mockery which discredits those who would dare stand in the way of the Democrat Party’s Marxist agenda in America.
  • Censorship- The Democrat Party and their operatives in the ACLU work tirelessly to censor any mention of God or Jesus in the public square. They have passed laws which prevent pastors from sharing their thoughts on political matters from their pulpits.  They are the architects of a politically correct atmosphere designed to censor open dialogue, discussion, and debate.  And, they would shut down every radio show, television show, and internet site which offered a conservative Christian worldview, if they had the power to do so.
  • Gun control- The Democrat Party wants to limit how one buys and sells guns. They are interested in allowing the United Nations to dictate gun control standards for American citizens, and they embrace a system which largely removes gun ownership from the general public- similar to controls found in Australia or some European nations.
  • Establishment of a constabulary force- The Democrat Party would like to have a force as powerful as the United States Military which deals with domestic issues and American citizens. They are interested in reducing the power of local police agencies and are in favor of a nationalized police force- the first incremental step which is federally imposed standard procedures.

Continue reading The Tactics of a Marxist Takeover

Make America Sane Again

As America has drifted from its Constitutional moorings, moorings which provided for secure borders, a unifying language, and a Judeo-Christian culture, large numbers of its citizens have literally rallied to “Make America Great Again,” “Make America Safe Again,” “Make America Work Again,” “Make America First Again,” and “Make America One Again.”  All of these rallying cries are reasonable on their face and the sort of motivational rhetoric which is designed to help people dream of a better tomorrow.  However, one must wonder if making America “great, safe, work, first and one” again is not a bit premature?  Is it possible to be an awesome, secure, productive, unified people who lead the world if large numbers of our citizenry are not sane?  Maybe our rallying cry should be, “Make America Sane Again.”

Of course, the simple way to sanity is to “Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever,” and often the simple way is the best way when dealing with the complexities of a world gone mad.  However, by diving a bit deeper, we hope to strengthen your resolve and peak your hope as you “Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever.”

So, first, let’s try and understand how the world has gone mad.  For instance, many members of the Democrat Party have gone “power mad” and have resorted to using propaganda to enslave entire voting demographics- all in an attempt to feed an insatiable lust for power, control and privilege.  The media has gone “mind control mad” using its medium to brainwash its audiences with liberal dogma wrapped in sexual arousal and emotional manipulation.  Institutions of learning have gone “intellectually arrogant mad” punishing those whose ideas do not conform to the beliefs of secular elitist ideologies.  And, many businesses have gone “technologically mad” inventing new ways to twist minds and manipulate hearts using big data, fancy algorithms, and promises of a utopian tomorrow free from the perceived shackles of a Judeo-Christian worldview– replacing moral rectitude with political correctness.

Now, let’s try and take a peek at the spiritual underbelly of this madness.  There is an interesting story in Mark 5:1-18 where Jesus encounters a man who has gone utterly mad, by any clinical definition.

Scene one, we are introduced to a man who apparently has a demonic infestation which causes him to live in a cave which is in a cemetery.  When he goes for a walk, he ends up wandering about howling and cutting himself.  And, if that were not creepy enough, he has the ability to break chains and shackles with supernatural strength. 

Scene two, taking the story to another level, we see Jesus wander into this spooky situation.  As you might imagine, this “man gone mad” and Jesus enjoy some lively banter upon which, Jesus, with a word, casts a legion of demons into a herd of pigs- which then stampede off a cliff into some body of water- where they all drown.

Scene three, the locals arrive on the scene to see this once insane man now clean shaven, well dressed, and totally sane.  The people who live in the area are amazed at the Might of the miracle performed by Jesus.  The now sane man asks to go with Jesus, but Jesus says, “No, go home to your family, and tell them everything the Lord has done for you and how merciful he has been.” (Mark 5:19 NLT)  So, the sane man proceeds to visit the ten towns of the region telling everybody of the wonderfulness of Jesus.  Cue happy ending!

There may be a metaphorical parallel here between Jesus’s healing of an insane man and America’s need to be sane again.  Do you see where this is going? Continue reading Make America Sane Again

The Impossibly Stubborn Versus The Wickedly Stubborn

What does it mean to be unmanipulatable, unbribable, undeterrable, impossibly stubborn people?  What does it mean to stubbornly love America?  What does it mean to stubbornly hate America?  Ultimately, what is the difference between impossibly stubborn and wickedly stubborn?

From the book, “Christian Courage, and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization,” Os Guinness describes a people who stubbornly refuse to conform.  He suggests that “impossibly stubborn people” are designed to resist and reverse the decline of the West’s Judeo-Christian culture.  In essence, to frustrate the Democrat Party and their leftist cabal by purposely living out a belief in a Godly destiny for Western Civilization which counters the Democrat Party’s delusional and secular worldview.

So, will impossibly stubborn Christians arise in this hour?  Will Western Civilization be saved by an impossibly stubborn people willing to represent the Way, the Truth and the Life to those who are ensnared in the politically correct lies of the Marxist Fascist Democrat Party?  Of course, impossible stubbornness in this context is a good type of stubbornness.  This good stubbornness resolves itself to stand for what is right, honorable, and Godly.  Impossibly stubborn Christians will speak out against the lying propaganda of the Democrat Party, they will be unmanipulated by the bias of the media, they will not be bribed by big government hand-outs, and they will be undeterred by the social pressure upon them to stay home, be quiet, and keep their opinion to themselves.  And, if Western Civilization is to survive and thrive, so that its Godly destiny is realized, impossibly stubborn Christians must rally all to “Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever!”

Additionally, these impossibly stubborn Christians will also stubbornly love America and its people.  This impossibly stubborn love will manifest as a love for secure borders, a unifying language, and a strong Judeo-Christian culture.  This impossibly stubborn love will arise as a desire to see inner cities revived and awakened- first by rejecting the failed leadership of the Democrat Party’s corrupt elitists- then by implementing high impact solutions.  These impossibly stubborn Christians will raise their voices and their pens to refute, debate and press important issues in the public square until the day is won by the Truth.  And, the political truth is that loving America means opposing the platform of the Democrat Party, it means having a profoundly deep and impossibly stubborn love for America which will not be moved by the fearful and hateful rhetoric of the Democrat Party and their minions throughout society.

Of course, impossibly stubborn Christians are needed in this hour to counter the wicked stubbornness of those who hate America.  These wickedly stubborn haters of America seek open borders, the disunity and chaos which arises as language is confused, and ultimate control over populations whose affections must be upon the state, not Almighty God.  It is the wickedly stubborn haters of America, and Western Civilization in general, who have stolen the public square, the halls of education, and the media’s microphone.  Their wickedly stubborn hatred drips with sarcasm, elitist superiority, intellectual arrogance, and ridiculous distortions of reality.  These Communist, Socialist, Fascist, Democrat Party members care nothing for the hardships they foist upon their supporters, nor the nation(s) which their policies devastate. Continue reading The Impossibly Stubborn Versus The Wickedly Stubborn


Imagine a classic wrestling match between two powerful athletes.  Both are attempting to use strength, speed, leverage and cunning to pin the other.  If you have ever wrestled, then you know that just three minutes of “combat” is extremely exhausting.  Often wrestlers will just press against each other waiting for an opening to make a move or to counter a move.  Wrestling is a sport of endurance and resolve.

According to Wikipedia, Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds. A wrestling bout is a physical competition, between two (occasionally more) competitors or sparring partners, who attempt to gain and maintain a superior position.”  And, Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius put wrestling in perspective when he said, “The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.”

Can you see the metaphorical comparison to politics in America as juxtaposed against the larger societal wrestling match?  The political parties in America are constantly wrestling to gain a superior position so that they may “pin” their opponent and win some legislative objective or public office.  Nothing aggravates citizens more than watching their representative pinned or else tap out.  America’s Founding Fathers did a great job ensuring that no branch of government would able to easily pin the other – preferring long wrestling matches to dictatorial mandate or anarchy.

Today, as we wrestle against the Democrat Party, by declaring that Americans must choose to “Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever,” we are wrestling not against people, but rather against the ideology and philosophies represented by the Democrat Party.  We do not want to see the Democrat Party’s agenda advanced using the coercive strength of government – especially a government as deeply resourced as the United States of America.

So, as the Democrat Party wrestles against our nation’s secure borders, unifying language, and Judeo-Christian culture, we must wrestle back by electing those who will secure our borders, insist on a unifying language, and encourage a strong Judeo-Christian culture.  We must pray for the type of spiritual awakening which allows the wrestling over America to be won by patriotic God-fearing Americans.  The Christian church in America must win this wrestling match if America hopes to be found a “sheep nation” at Jesus’s return. Continue reading Wrestling

Psychological Warfare

The Democrat Party, and its operatives across society, are actively engaged in psychological warfare against the American people.  You see, the Democrat Party is at war against the Judeo-Christian foundation of our nation.  They believe that their Marxist utopian vision is superior to America’s founding cultural norms and they desire to seize power to prove their point.  Never mind the fact that they are incapable of making a rational argument as to why they should lead – thus the use of PSYOPS. defines psychological warfare (PSYOPS) as, “the use of propaganda, threats, and other psychological techniques to mislead, intimidate, demoralize, or otherwise influence the thinking or behavior of an opponent.”  Spend a few minutes online and you will be inundated by Marxist propaganda designed to spread the big lie of their worldview, but the Democrat Party’s PSYOPS go much further.  They encourage their operatives, seemingly via favors and quid pro quo winks, to wage psychological warfare against the American people – all to gain power.  This behavior is despicable and has a profoundly negative effect on our nation, but the Democrat Party cares so little for this nation, or its people, that they never-the-less continue to seek power utilizing all forms of psychological warfare.

Let’s waken your senses with a few examples. 

Example 1 – The media is controlled by operatives of the Democrat Party, therefore they create headlines and attach pictures which communicate a distorted view of any Conservative person.  The more popular a Conservative leader is, the more vicious the media is in their destruction.  Sarah Palin and Donald Trump have garner extremely large crowds and so receive the blunt end of the media’s PSYOPS against their personality and personage.  Conservative TV, radio and internet personalities, with large followings, are also victims of these PSYOPS, but they at least have media platforms with which to fight back.

The desired result of the Democrat Party’s media PSYOP is to convince you that Conservatives are unfit, unstable, unhinged, undisciplined, or unreliable causing you to deeply fear being subjected to their leadership decisions.  Of course, the absolute opposite is the truth.  It is the Democrat Party’s leadership which is to be feared and must be utterly rejected at the polls.

Example 2 – Educational institutions are intellectually rotting from within as Democrat Party sympathizers occupy coveted tenured teaching positions which they then use to intimidate their students into liberal lockstep.  Most of these young people are defenseless, needing a credential and lacking a fully formed frontal lobe.  And, rather than teaching these vulnerable student the truth of how America’s greatness came forth through a robust Judeo-Christian culture, these intellectually arrogant teachers use their authority and their opportunity to intimidate and brainwash these confused young people.  This PSYOP is destroying the lives of these young adults, and as such they have become helpless victims of a Democrat Party machine which could care less about their hopes or dreams.  A machine which is willing to use them as “useful idiots” to gain and keep power.  When will we wake up to the madness and swarm the elections places to “Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever?” Continue reading Psychological Warfare

Flags at Half-Staff

Flying a flag at half-staff or half-mast is generally done as sign of respect, mourning, or distress.  There are specific laws in the United States which govern flying the United States flag at half mast, which include honoring public officials who have died, remembering tragic events like 9/11, and upon Presidential Executive Orders to honor a specific national sadness.  Interestingly, according to Bartram, G., in A Guide to Flag Protocol in the United Kingdom, an extract from the book British Flags and Emblems”, The Flag Institute, “the flag is lowered to make room for an “invisible flag of death” flying above.”

With that, allow us to make an unscientific observation, “the United States Flag has been at half-staff quite often as of late.”  It seems that we have been dealing with lots of tragedy.  Police officers have been targeted, average people on the street in Nice France were run down, night club goers in Orlando were slain – apparently for being gay – and on and on.  So, apparently – our flags fly at half-staff – as the invisible flag of death flies above us.

So, how did this happen?  How did we end up with an invisible flag of death flying above America and all of Western Civilization?  Well, our hypothesis is that we have a horrific convergence of radicals whom on the one hand believe that Western Civilization is evil – and whom on the other hand believe that Western Civilization is unjust.  One wants a worldwide caliphate, while the other wants a Marxist utopia.  Both are horribly deceived, but have garnered enough resources to force many a flag to half-staff – on what seems to be an alarmingly regular basis.

Could this be why the Socialist, Communist, Fascist Democrat Party has no desire for any pause in Muslim immigration?  Could this be why the Democrat Party refuses to acknowledge that radical Islamic elements are at war with Western Civilization?  Of course, it is impossible to know for sure what thought process leads a member of the Democrat Party to any of their utter false conclusions, but it is clear that their positional power is being used in ways which are increasingly irresponsible.  This is why we must take their positional power from them by “Never Voting for Any Democrat – Ever.”

We must realize the danger we face by allowing the Democrat Party, in its current iteration, to remain in power.  In fact, all of Western Civilization must wake up to the danger that liberalism is foisting upon each unique ethnos of the Western world.  You see, a Godless secularized worldview, which seeks to remove the Judeo-Christian ethical value system, is a worldview destined for horrors and tyranny.  It is altogether likely that the half-mast phenomena is nothing more than a foreboding sign of what awaits mankind should we continue down the path suggested by the agenda and platform of the Democrat Party. Continue reading Flags at Half-Staff

Free Enterprise Isn’t Free

If the thought of free enterprise makes you angry, sad, confused, or belligerent, then you are probably a Democrat.  Free enterprise is freeing, but it is not free.  While it is one of the greatest ways for societies to self-organize, it does nothing for those who desire control and elite status.  Free enterprise is a great equalizer, but it does demand that each person find a way to add value to society to gain a better life.  Also, in free enterprise, wealth can be accumulated and even lived on for a few generations, but will eventually run out.  And, this is why the Democrat Party and its quislings find free enterprise so repulsive – their intellectual arrogance and sense of self entitlement simply produces nothing a free enterprise society desires.  As such, these self-appointed geniuses are reduced to working alongside the rest of us to find a way to add real value to society – and they really just hate that.

Of course, the Democrat Party could have chosen to step up and offer public policies which furthered the cause of America’s economic strength and prosperity, but that would require them to participate in a free market system.  And, they don’t really see themselves as servants who must offer value as individuals to other individuals in order to thrive, but rather as superior elitist masters.  Why else would they be so intellectually dishonest as to propagandize people to support Socialism, Communism and Fascism despite the historically horrific consequences?  Sadly, the “useful idiots” who support the Democrat Party, and ironically whose best chance at a better life is released through free enterprise, have no idea that the Democrat Party is using them as pawns in some power mad chess match – while they continue to suffer and wallow under the Democrat Party’s strong delusion.

A moral education, coupled with a Christ-like heart to serve, as unleashed in a free enterprise environment generally results in accumulated capital for good deeds.  A centralized government controlled economy run by the “cool kids” will ultimately collapse.  Hybrids of Socialism and free enterprise will hobble from economic crisis to economic crisis until they can hobble no more.

So, let’s take a step back and be clear.  What exactly is free enterprise and what makes it so powerful and liberating?  Continue reading Free Enterprise Isn’t Free

Romantic Fantasies

Members of the Democrat Party seem to live in the make-believe world of romantic fantasies.  They sell their policy positions as some idealized romantic storyline which is totally divorced from reality.  Of course, in reality, the power mad masters of the Democrat Party are casting a romantic spell upon the poor “useful idiots,” hungry for love, who unknowingly suckle at the teat of their delusion.  Making matters worse are academics, a media hierarchy, and a Hollywood elite which spread these romantic fantasies as though they were true.

Somehow, as though from a Twilight Zone episode, the Socialist, Communist, Fascist Democrat Party takes every single public policy issue, sprinkles it with magic fairy dust, and turns it into a romantic fantasy.  However, in reality their policy positions are just another iteration of the same bad ideas which have devastated people groups throughout history.

For instance, reality dictates that a secure border is necessary in a dangerous world.  However, the Democrat Party needs an open border to support their political takeover strategy.  So, since no reality based argument can be made for an open border, instead sprinkle some romantic fantasy fairy dust on the issue and you have huddled masses who only want to mow the yard for a glass of water.  With that, all the irrational emotion of deluded Democrat Party operatives can be released in a tidal wave of self-congratulatory wonderfulness – while the nation and the immigrants suffer.  How long must this sort of madness continue?  When will we wake from these sorts of romantic fantasies and together agree to Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever?

If we really cared about poor immigrants, we would develop real public policy which rewarded them fairly for their work and transported them safely from one sovereign nation to the other.  This is a human tragedy which makes America less safe while exploiting the honest immigrant looking for work.  This is a problem which can be solved as a win-win with a secure border and a legal process for immigrant workers.  Unfortunately, this does nothing to feed the Democrat Party’s need for more “useful idiots” as they seize power unto themselves.  So, instead we do nothing as the Democrat Party spews romantic fantasies keeping their constituents in bondage to their lies.  Sadly, this example is but one public policy debate among dozens which are impossible to solve because of the Democrat Party’s emotional manipulation via romantic fantasy.  Of course, without the use of this control drama technique the Democrat Party would have nothing to offer and would no longer have their positions of power – which seems to be all they really care about.

So, why is a romantic fantasy or a romanticized vision of love such a bad thing for our nation?  Consider a necessary distinction between real love and romantic fantasy. Romantic fantasy is easily detached from reality, thereby threatening a healthy Republic, as it is primarily a disproportionate emotional response to a societal issue.  Romantic fantasies provide a distraction from developing authentic solutions, which are rooted in choice, healthy decisions, and habits.  The role of love, on the other hand, can be a positive one.  Love, if properly integrated into the culture of a nation breeds mutual knowledge, lively ideation, and great togetherness.  Additionally, true friendship grounded in virtue, comprises one of the key ingredients in brotherly love and indeed can be the seed from which authentic love for one’s nation blossoms.   However, when love turns into a romantic fantasy it becomes divorced from reality and this departure from truth can be harmful.  Can you see what the Democrat Party is doing to you?  Can you see how they are manipulating your emotions such that you are doing their bidding while failing to accomplish any of your compassionate and loving goals?  Are you yet ready to Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever? Continue reading Romantic Fantasies

The Death of America’s Judeo-Christian Culture

The Democrat Party and their operatives in academia and the media are practically dancing on the grave of America’s Judeo-Christian culture.  Over the past 50 years, the Democrat Party has embraced policies designed to remove the Judeo-Christian nature of America from its very fabric.  After watching their Socialist, Communist, Fascist, and elitist beliefs fail time and time again the world over, the Democrat Party realized that to make their twisted ideology work they needed a society of zombies – people so uneducated, unaware, unmotivated, and uninspired that they could be easily propagandized and manipulated.  And, to do this they needed to remove the source of all creativity, wisdom, knowledge, awareness, motivation and inspiration – God – especially the Judeo-Christian God.

You see, if a nation has a Judeo-Christian culture, it values the rule of law, personal property rights, national sovereignty – as defined by its borders and language – and freedom.  Also, America’s Judeo-Christian culture infused it with a sense of individual liberties which were to be protected, and a Constitutional form of governance which was to provide balance in order to avoid tyrannies – whether it come from elitists, government power, or the mob.  All of these Judeo-Christian principles are an anathema to the agenda of the Democrat Party.  Can you begin to understand why they are “hell-bent” on removing the Judeo-Christian God from every aspect of American society and culture?

So, obviously the Democrat Party’s agenda is a horrifically bad idea.  It is almost as though the Democrat Party searched through history for all the really bad ideas, packaged them up, and said, “Let’s make this our agenda.”  Why would they do such a thing?  Because they desire power above all else.  You and I, and our hopes and dreams, are meaningless to the Democrat Party.  Oh sure they will tell us they are all about helping us out, while they themselves are the political source of our oppression.  Clearly the last hope for America is found in the simple, yet powerful, call to action to Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever!

So, is it really over for America?  Has the Democrat Party and their darkened worldview carried the day and killed the Judeo-Christian God of Western Civilization?  Or, as Mark Twain once wrote, is it that “Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated…”?  We firmly believe that the Democrat Party celebrates the death of America’s Judeo-Christian culture on the eve of their own demise. Continue reading The Death of America’s Judeo-Christian Culture

Sufficient Depravity

Christian Philosopher Dallas Willard once was asked if he believed in total depravity, he responded by saying, “I believe in sufficient depravity, I believe that every human being is sufficiently depraved that when we get to heaven, no one will be able to say, ‘I merited this.’”

Such is the stuff of politics and religion.

Depravity is defined as moral corruption and wickedness or in Christian theological terms it is the innate corruption of human nature due to original sin.  So, from a Judeo-Christian perspective, it might be fair to say that all of mankind is suffering from some measure of sufficient depravity.  This may take the form of corrupt or wicked actions, thoughts, feelings or beliefs.

Once one integrates the idea of sufficient human depravity into the mix with attempts at civilized governance, the lines of political struggle become all the more clear.  It is a testament of how remarkable and wonderful America’s system of government is as we behold political power being transferred peacefully between sufficiently depraved people.  This just does not happen easily around the world, and as such America sets the standard for how political power and governance should be handled.

Interestingly, as the “church-age” has matured so have the American ideals of domestic tranquility, the rule of law, Constitutional governance, and inalienable rights.  However, these sorts of advances in the administration of governance, which lessen the effect of sufficient depravity upon a citizenry, are only possible with a strong Judeo-Christian culture.

In Judeo-Christian societies, individuals are encouraged to actively challenge their own sufficient depravity as part of the society’s norms.  It is these norms which help the nation avoid rampant corruption and wickedness.  As a society is increasingly secularized by a plethora of individuals who celebrate depravity, the society becomes more oppressive, or else a society no more.  The cost of unchecked sufficient depravity to any nation will be either enslavement or anarchy – neither of which leads to life and life more abundantly.

Therefore, as you consider the issues facing America and the political choices before us, it becomes clear that political ideologies must be weighed against their tendency to either thicken the stench of sufficient depravity or lessen it.  So, what sort of governance keeps depravity at bay while individuals wrestle with their own corrupt tendencies?  Well, America has managed the task as well as can be expected given the fallen state of man by maintaining secure borders, a unifying language, and a strong Judeo-Christian culture.  Each of these critical items working in unison preserves the delegate balance a free society composed of sufficiently depraved individuals requires.

So, when we say, “Never Vote for Any Democrat – Ever” it is not out of some animus for the people deluded by the propaganda of the Democrat Party.  Rather it is a way of saying, the ideas and philosophies of the Democrat Party are dangerous to the maintenance of a free and prosperous people.  The destabilization of America’s borders, language, and culture has the effect of increasing lawlessness, causing confusion in communication, and putting a stake in the heart of the only solution to sufficient depravity – a strong Judeo-Christian culture.  And, the reason America has become a great nation is because its Judeo-Christian culture was not forced upon the people by the government, but was rather chosen freely by people who sought the kind of opportunity and purpose which can only be found in God. Continue reading Sufficient Depravity

Blessing of the Upright

Here are some interesting questions to ponder: Is the Democrat Party a blessing or a curse upon America?  Do the policies and administrative actions of the Democrat Party exalt the nation or degrade it?  Do we want America to be blessed by God, or not?

Proverbs 11:11 teaches us, By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is overthrown.” (ESV)  Matthew Henry in his commentary summarizes it this way, “Nations prosper when wicked men are cast down.”  Based on this, it would sure seem that America’s greatness and prosperity lies in the hands of the “upright” and their willingness to bless the nation.

So, who are the upright?  Romans 3:22 answers the question for us with little wiggle room.  It states, “And this righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no distinction…” (BSB)  Likewise, who are the wicked?  Titus 1:10-16 explains, in part, the ways of the wicked, For many are rebellious and full of empty talk and deception… For the sake of dishonorable gain, they undermine entire households and teach things they should not.  As one of their own prophets has said, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.” …To the pure, all things are pure; but to the defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure. Indeed, both their minds and their consciences are defiled. They profess to know God, but they deny Him by their actions. They are detestable, disobedient, and unfit for any good deed.” (BSB)

Of course the Scriptures provide far more depth and nuance for describing righteousness and wickedness, but these passages should suffice for the purposes of this discussion.

So, if the upright is anyone who accepts the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and the wicked are the empty talking deceivers, propagandists, and liars, then is the Democrat Party an upright political operation or a wicked political operation?  Obviously, they are wicked. 

Please kindly open your eyes, and your heart, and look at the truth.  The Democrat Party is rebellious, hating the police, military, and law and order in general.  They are continually claiming that which is not true – for instance, suggesting that Socialist, Communist, and Fascist ideas are better than free market Capitalism and limited government.  Wherever the Democrat Party has power, entire communities fall to crisis, families splinter, cities crumble and are abandoned, and the terror of crime and drugs becomes a daily reality.  To the Democrat Party nothing is pure or sacred – not unborn fetuses, not the freedom to pray in public settings, not even public restroom privacy.  In fact, the Apostle Paul could have been writing about the Democrat Party when he penned, They profess to know God, but they deny Him by their actions. They are detestable, disobedient, and unfit for any good deed.” (BSB) Continue reading Blessing of the Upright

The Wedge

Wedge issues are political propaganda utilized as a divide and conquer strategy.  As you examine the socio-economic landscape of America, do you see a united or divided nation?  Most people would agree that they see a “deeply” divided nation.  How do you suppose this happened?  Who has driven a “wedge” into this nation?

Please kindly consider these questions by way of understanding the threat facing America.  Has some foreign power convinced us that we should fight amongst ourselves?  Perhaps it is extreme terrorism which has torn us apart?  What about Vladimir Putin, certainly he has done something to cause hatred in America to spike?  Of course, these assertions are ridiculous, made to make a point.  The external threats to America generally unite us – it is the politically designed “wedge” issues which are truly threatening our Republic.

Assuming you accept that “the wedge” is an accurate “threat assessment” which illuminates our current sufferings and vulnerabilities, who do you suppose are the purveyors of “the wedge?”  None other than the Democrat Party.  Yes folks, the people behind the Democrat Party’s political philosophy have engineered a diabolical scheme to seize total authoritative power by continuously driving a “wedge” into the very heart of this nation.  We suspect that the Democrat Party does this because their political platform is devoid of reason and goodness.  As such, they cannot win a debate with a reasonable, well informed electorate, so instead, they exhaust Americans with divisive issues.  Most of these issues aren’t even real – they are propagandized figments of demented imaginations bent on tearing down America’s national pride and unity.  Is this okay with you?

Is America really the home of horrific racism, rampant gender bias, sexual identity struggles, financial inequality, environmental Armageddon, and emotionally debilitating offense every time somebody sneezes or drops a hat?  Seriously,  have we been convinced by operatives of the Democrat Party’s “wedge” machine that all of American life is without merit – its citizenry is lacking in any common sense, compassion, or generosity of spirit – and that these sorts of issues are commonplace?  These assertions are ludicrous to the extreme.  What we have are issues which have a modicum of expression in various pockets throughout society – which is far different than the accusation.

Are you tired of being exhausted by operatives of the Godless Democrat Party who take any complaint, magnify it into something insidious and worthy of outrage, and then provide a solution which further splinters the nation – all to gather power to their indefensible political ideology?

Please kindly consider that there are serious consequences to the Democrat Party’s “wedge” strategy.  The weakness of our nation, by virtue of being a “house divided,” threatens our stability, way of life, and Godly destiny.  While we fight over issues which affect tiny percentages of our population, the world is unraveling before our eyes. Continue reading The Wedge